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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moon flowers

The moon doesn't have flowers - well at least the one that circles the Earth...but if it were I imagine that would look something like this. These two pieces...10x10 acrylic on wood panel... were created by first layering blues and greens with hints of orange that were heavily watered down and the allowed to dry with no brush strokes. So what ended up was something that reminded me of what the Earth looks like when viewed from outer space...the calm swirling ocean waters in deep blues and greens. Then I added the background in white which is actually the foreground and drew soft floral shapes - so that the negative space is actually the subject. Then I scanned them...added gel medium to protect the color and make it all pop and now they are ready for framing. These are set up as fine art prints on Imagekind & Artist Rising.

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