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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going to Ireland...

I have taken photos of Ireland and manipulated them by adjusting color, adding filters, layer subtle color and cropping. Then I juxtaposed another photo next to it to create a balanced piece. These photos were taken in the west of Ireland near County Mayo and Enniscrone in June 2013. 

New art prints now on Artist Rising and Imagekind. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things With Paper

I labored over these two which I don't usually do. No matter how I made the top half it just wasn't right and I painted over it--and over it--and over it. I think this time it's right. But it did take a stepping away time to view it with fresh eyes a day later. Thus we have a Horizon Made of Paper 1 & 2.
My thing for circles shows up but not as intense as other times. I'm thinking maybe do something like this again but looser and the colors less somber. Your thoughts?
I set them up as fine art prints on Imagekind and Artist Rising. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

When Two Become One

These two pieces are actually four. I painted each piece individually in mixed media on wood panel. Once complete they were scanned in at very high res - then merged together to create two panels. These were a good exercise for me because I had to step away and think about them. At first I though it was done. But I wasn't sure so I left them there for two days. When I returned - with a refreshed mind I was able to see that they were not done...so many layers later I finished them and was happy with the result. The completed pieces have depth and dimension and a lot of going on underneath the layers.
Fine art prints available on Imagekind and Artist Rising.