About Me

Friday, January 15, 2016


I've been in the poster publishing industry for 20 years so I know what it takes to sell posters to the mass market - and one thing  that really stands out is sets. Buyers like sets - they like to line up art or group art in a space and have it make a statement due to the very nature of having a group. So here are three modern fern images - and yes each image is the same. However...they are all different colors and that's all it takes to create a set. 

And don't you love the picture hanger? I found this image from Shutterstock and all I do is drop 750 pixel image onto the background paper and there you have it. 

**all images available as digital downloads right here on Etsy

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

100 Feet

In 2015 I created a personal art project for myself - to take a photo of my feet everyday. All told I think it was about 120...so I changed the name of the project from 365 feet to 100 Feet and now I succeeded. 

smile emoticonSo here is a collection of them...my cat and dog joined me in several of the shots. they were taken in several places like San Francisco, Palm Springs, Portland...Hidden Lakes Park....in airports...etc. .

 My 2016 Project is 100  Cups of Coffee. Wish me luck!!