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Thursday, November 21, 2013

an artistic drought

I haven't created much the last few weeks. Inspiration seems to have eluded me. I have visited galleries, gone to open studios...spent hours on Pinterest taking me down the rabbit hole but still nothing. How does one resolve that? For me..it was time. I kept looking at images then went for a nice six mile run this morning and it was cold but the sun was coming out and images popped into my mind and I knew today was the day. Today I would create something. It may not be great but it would be something. 
Here are Deconstructed Landscapes I & II. Simple digital creations with color contrasted and coming together. I may work on them more - not sure yet but they will still be set up as fine art works on Artist Rising and Imagekind soon enough. 
For now - enjoy. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moon flowers

The moon doesn't have flowers - well at least the one that circles the Earth...but if it were I imagine that would look something like this. These two pieces...10x10 acrylic on wood panel... were created by first layering blues and greens with hints of orange that were heavily watered down and the allowed to dry with no brush strokes. So what ended up was something that reminded me of what the Earth looks like when viewed from outer space...the calm swirling ocean waters in deep blues and greens. Then I added the background in white which is actually the foreground and drew soft floral shapes - so that the negative space is actually the subject. Then I scanned them...added gel medium to protect the color and make it all pop and now they are ready for framing. These are set up as fine art prints on Imagekind & Artist Rising.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

on white...

I enjoy painting images with bright white backgrounds. The subject should pop out and make statement and the background in crisp white makes the piece modern enough without it getting sterile. The loose style of this mixed media painting brings together a traditional subject rendered in an abstract way and placed on a minimalist background which allows it to blend with any interior space. 
I began with a multi-colored splash of color then painted the white over it - doing the painting in reverse order so that the background is actually the foreground. Once complete I added loose outlines in pastel to define the final piece. I added gel medium as a final touch which not only protects the surface but gives the overall painting depth and texture. With subjects like this I have to let go and not over-think it. If I do it will lose its freestyle personality and look contrived. Don't want that!

16x16 on wood panel - and off to get framed and ready for sale.