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Friday, April 14, 2017

I Digress...

Hubby and I went to Palm Springs last weekend and while I stepped away from my own art for three days we walked into a whole other art world which is what I love about this community. Palm Springs and the surrounding area supports and values artists. From Joshua Tree to Pioneer Town to all the odd and quirky desert stops along the way. 

While we were there we visited one outdoor installation from the Desert X show - this is a glass house by Doug Aitken - and here's a link.  #desertx

Plus some property porn in the Palm Canyon neighborhood. Including That Pink Door. 

And finally - The Integratron - which defies explanation. But I will give you a hint...sound and aliens. 

Now I feel energized and inspired to get back my own creations. what are you creating this week? 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Pulling off The Glam

I buy display photos from stock photo houses and use them as way to digitally feature and display my art. I have been using more casual and rustic looks. However - my images felt stale and needed a pick me up. And - noticing the trends to shiny glam looks (hello 1970's) I decided to purchase a gold frame display and then I dropped my images onto these. It was such a profound change - from casual and cute to elegant and glam. I'm loving the look and I feel like it adds so much sophistication to these prints. Below are a few examples and feel free to browse the collection of (as of today) 294 images. All of these prints are available as digital downloads on my Etsy shop.