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Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Projects

I promised an Oakland gallery that I would paint something larger for them...and that's such a challenge for me. So here we go - 16x20 on wood panel. I started out with black and white, then added coral and blue. But mostly it will be black and white. This is just the start. I'll keep you posted. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cities in Photography

I took these shots and played around with the filters and then took color out or added a touch back in depending on what I felt it needed. One was shot from the De Young Museum Observatory Tower, another from a trail above Emerald Bay..another was shot from the rooftop of an apartment building at Jones and California and finally palm trees in Palm Springs. 
It's so important to crop these pieces right - make sure they are balanced yet not too symmetrical. I often take many shots...see which ones are workable and then I start cropping. If it doesn't work - that's ok...just delete and move forward. 

If you are interested in purchasing here is info. Etsy

Little Abstracts

Because my husband is a custom framer he brings me lots of mat board - especially the "fallout" which is the middle of the mat board that - falls out - when you have cut out the middle. I use these 8-ply boards for paintings. If I mess up I don't feel so bad because there's lots more board and it's recyclable. Because they are 8-ply they are heavy and dense and do not warp. 

Here are three abstracts I did this week - I called them...Chasing Dreams, 1, 2 & 3