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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Download a Day

I add an image a day to my Etsy digital download site - it's had lots of hits and orders have picked up. I have expanded my subjects and recently added travel

I don't spend a lot of time creating each piece but it's very important that it is done well and that it shows well on the site which is why you can see the image three times. Once framed, then on wall clips and then the whole image. 

Each piece is 300dpi at 8x10  - a jpeg and pdf are included. 

Here are some new downloads. I covered travel, atomic ranch and bikes. Only $5.00 per download or buy two and get a third free. 

Enjoy. And please share!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Project 2015 - Feet

I like to take on projects from January 1. I don't typically complete them but I do enjoy the attempt. So this year my project is called 365 Days of Feet. I wanted to take a photo of either the same space or the same item everyday of the year shot from either different time or different light or a new space. It had to be something I have access to everyday; and therein lies the feet. I have access to them everyday. (whew)....  The guidelines are:

  • Each day take a different photo of my feet in hopefully a different place. 
  • and - it cannot be posed or contrived. I will not set up something or wear different shoes for the right place. It's whatever I am wearing at the time and whatever I am doing at the time - spontaneous and a bit impulsive. 

So here goes...my personal collection of 365 Days of my Feet. A few selections right now - I won't bore you with every day. 

Jan 1 - lounging on the first day of the year

Jan 4 - back garden

Jan 11 (Yerba Buena Center for The Arts)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Black and White

I love working in black and white and browsing through black and white images on Pinterest. Without color to distract the art is so honest and pure and at the same time very vulnerable. Here are a few new images I rendered on vellum. First I masked off the actual shapes and then used conte crayon, charcoal and graphite pencil to build the image. 

These are small pieces and are now going to my framer and will show the outside borders which reflect the work that went into them.