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Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Work in Progress

I started two new abstract landscapes. They have been through many iterations. I wish I shot each version so I would see where I started and where I am now but no I did not. So here we are now. Tomorrow could be another story. 

They are acrylic on wood panel - 11x14. I use many layers because the underneath layers begin to show themselves; like they are trying so hard to peek out beneath the top layers. As if they just want to say "Hey! Notice me!". I have seen consistently that my paintings improve  and become much more interesting when there are more layers. 

I also use a lot of water. Sometimes I water the paint down so much that it leaves an odd shaped blob and I walk away - overnight  - and in the morning I see that it has dried into its own individual shape. It doesn't always work. 

Well - enough chatter...here they are. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Martini's

Several years ago I created a series of original art pieces that were cocktail inspired. Two lemon drops (because they were my FAVORITE cocktail at the time) and two martinis. Then they got licensed onto product like textiles, memo boards, stationary and wall decor. And for awhile they were displayed in my home but I always felt they needed a forever home so I am making them available for sale....I think they need a family. 
Cocktails are fun. Art is fun. Why not cocktail art!

They are 12.5x12.5x2 and expertly framed by my husband - the custom framer. Solid wood floater frame. Ready to hang in your home. 

Here they are in my Tuesday Moon Etsy shop....please share....help out a painting. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beach Time

I get inspired by views of sand and surf and beach umbrellas and striped towels and all the the wonderful elements that go along with a day at the beach. 

So I created these with the intent that they would also be covered in beach umbrellas in the foreground but as I was painting those layers I didn't like it all! So with a damp cloth I was able to wipe it away as if it never existed. 

Then I added more ocean and used very wet acrylic paints so that I had to wait several hours for it to dry which means I really didn't know what it would look like because sometimes colors run or clump together when they are drying. well - in the morning when I looked I was pleased. And decided - with a second opinion - that the works were indeed done. 

They are 11x14 on wood panel. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Wine Country

I have designated the first Sunday in February as International Wine Tasting Day. Feel free to join us (Me & Mr. Wine Tasting) in beautiful wine country. I also enjoy good food...in addition to good wine and Healdsburg is a great spot for both. Yesterday we went to The Shed - it's a foodie spot in downtown Healdsburg and it's a visual feast. Cheese, kitchen accessories, table service, coffee, a handful of garden supplies like seeds and gloves...beautiful table linens..chocolate...

So we secured Mr. Happy Puggle - aka McGuyver, on the patio where he got to visit with coffee drinkers and assorted canine patrons and we took a quick trip inside and then came back out with delicious coffee and we sat in the sun. and we got to meet Jax - a terrier mix who's a regular...damn he's cute! 

Here's a few images to remember our most relaxing day.