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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let's Try This Again...

I did three paintings of a silhouette of California...then I had a fun background and then I added them to my Etsy shop and posted them on Instagram and the response was...meh...seriously. And then when I really looked at them I was like...Meh.... But wait - now I have three new substrates to paint on because it's time that those paintings go the way of other extinct paintings in my collection. So I painted over them...and this time I painted these...and I love them. I had to add a lot of layers of base paint to cover up the the original painting because I like to sand my pieces to create texture but the original shapes kept coming through. So after many layers and lots of drying time because things dry REALLY slow on damp days...I have completed three 6"x12" paintings. And of course they are scanned at high res for posters. And my hubby the custom framer will be framing them in a birch floater frame and then they become available for sale. For now...I will just enjoy. 

 Lesson learned: it's ok when paintings don't work out. Not all are meant to be great...and many become lessons. And that's all...

Friday, January 15, 2016


I've been in the poster publishing industry for 20 years so I know what it takes to sell posters to the mass market - and one thing  that really stands out is sets. Buyers like sets - they like to line up art or group art in a space and have it make a statement due to the very nature of having a group. So here are three modern fern images - and yes each image is the same. However...they are all different colors and that's all it takes to create a set. 

And don't you love the picture hanger? I found this image from Shutterstock and all I do is drop 750 pixel image onto the background paper and there you have it. 

**all images available as digital downloads right here on Etsy

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

100 Feet

In 2015 I created a personal art project for myself - to take a photo of my feet everyday. All told I think it was about 120...so I changed the name of the project from 365 feet to 100 Feet and now I succeeded. 

smile emoticonSo here is a collection of them...my cat and dog joined me in several of the shots. they were taken in several places like San Francisco, Palm Springs, Portland...Hidden Lakes Park....in airports...etc. .

 My 2016 Project is 100  Cups of Coffee. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

From Greece to a rain forest

I have been working on several new pieces and my ideas and inspiration run from the rain forest to the Greek isles with blue and white striped umbrellas. The two mixed media pieces are not any place in particular but are instead and study of layers and layers of colors with a cloud like layer to cover just parts and allow the bold hues underneath to peak out. 

All acrylic on wood or canvas. The third painting - Rainforest is 30x30 on canvas and is framed and ready to hang. 

All the paintings are available on my Etsy site....

Monday, November 16, 2015

Feet - continued

My idea for 365 Days of Feet didn't go so well so I changed it to 100 days of feet which now means I have completed it. However....I plan to keep going so here are a few new ones and I am now at 110. 

...to be continued. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Endless Summer

I am a summer person. I wear flip flops year round. I love the smell of sunscreen. I like long evenings and taking walks after dinner. I like beaches, palm trees and beach side restaurants that serve fish tacos and cold beers. And here we have three new paintings inspired by this love of all things summer. I used a naive style to design them and then applied bright Caribbean colors and of course - added a palm tree because it simply needed something to make the piece complete. I enjoyed painting the first one so much I kept moving forward so I did two more. 

Here are Beachfront Property One, Two and Three. Available on my poster sites - Artist Rising and Imagekind

Monday, October 19, 2015

Urban Meets Rustic

Anyone else noticed the trend? Urban meets rustic meets deer...meets modernism. I've seen it a lot lately and it tends to involve nature...but not the 1970's granola nature...more refined and simplistic and rustic from a reused and recycled perspective. Also - lots of wildlife! Like deer, bears...fox and other woodland creatures. 

I think these would work well in family rooms, bathrooms, cafe's, bistros and entryways...it's welcoming and warm. Decorative and progressive. Here is a collection of four pieces on my Etsy shop that are available as digital downloads...affordable art and no shipping!