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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cities and Must See Spots To Visit

This series was a request from a client and it grew into a collection. From cities of California, Virginia,Texas and Florida to Cities of The World. The Cities of The World and California images are the only ones available for posters right now.

Day One

I'm Jan Weiss, and I've been blogging forever...with my Art Planet site and various other Blogger platforms but never one that focused on my art and how my works fit into the commercial sector. Oh...I have Flickr site which is great for photo-sharing but still doesn't capture the personal nature of a blog. So - finally here we have it - a site where you can find my art, here about local art happenings and contact me for your artistic projects.
There are many places to purchase posters and other products with my imagery on them which I will include in the Blog Roll.
Consider this a visual trip.
Thanks for visiting...and invite art into your life. Everyday.

Below are my two of my favorite pieces and one, Green Petals, is my best selling poster to date. Find it here on Art.com. 
Yellow Petals

Green Petals