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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ta da!

I am way behind on posting the final group. So here's 97,98,99 & 100.  I'm excited to be done but at the same time I'm a little lost - it was a great 100 Days. Now I'm thinking about what's next. Maybe using some of these as studies for larger pieces? Especially the more representational abstracts - I think those would translate well as large pieces.

Things I learned.
1. Enjoy the process
2. Take chances
3. No fear
4. Don't be afraid to fail. If it's bad tear it up and begin again. 
5. Find the joy in creating. If you aren't finding joy then change direction
6. Try colors outside your comfort zone. ie. bubble gum pink

***I am making these available for sale. To see the whole collection go to my Instagram page and browse. Tell me what number and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice.  (#99 is sold)
$35.00 for each original
$50.00 matted in white
+ shipping. $3.00 for US shipping. $15.00 for international

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