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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Process...

Here I am at Day 85 of the 100 Day Project. My work has shifted, changed, altered, grown and revised over these 85 days. Some artists who do this project stay in the same theme - and I tried...I really did...but my short attention span does not allow for that so that is the reason for my work evolving over the course of these months. 

The four pieces below are all No. 84. I captured images of the stages which I thought was a fun and active way to show the process. Such simple layers moving and growing and taking shape. I enjoy abstract landscapes a lot...the unstructured style allows for freedom in my work. I'm thinking these may work as a study for a larger piece but as we know larger paintings are more of a struggle for me...but perhaps that's the lesson here...struggle and risk equals growth. 


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