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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Meet Desert Living

I had no idea what was going to happen with these. I layered aqua tones and coral and then added white. Then it needed a touch of green to cool it down and then I had all these fabulous textures but nothing grounding the piece. So I added a structure and it's like everything came together. Something solid with clear definitions fit into a chaotic background that was full of life but lacked cohesion and restraint. Everything connected. So I did it again and then a third time. Only the third time I used blues and greens which certainly brings out a water and marine feel. These are a little bigger than I usually do at 11x14 on wood panel. But it needed the space to create the image. Now they will be framed in a light wood and made available for sell. I can't wait to see how the completed product will look. 
If you are interested in having these as reproductions as well just let me know and I can make that happen. 

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