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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let's Try This Again...

I did three paintings of a silhouette of California...then I had a fun background and then I added them to my Etsy shop and posted them on Instagram and the response was...meh...seriously. And then when I really looked at them I was like...Meh.... But wait - now I have three new substrates to paint on because it's time that those paintings go the way of other extinct paintings in my collection. So I painted over them...and this time I painted these...and I love them. I had to add a lot of layers of base paint to cover up the the original painting because I like to sand my pieces to create texture but the original shapes kept coming through. So after many layers and lots of drying time because things dry REALLY slow on damp days...I have completed three 6"x12" paintings. And of course they are scanned at high res for posters. And my hubby the custom framer will be framing them in a birch floater frame and then they become available for sale. For now...I will just enjoy. 

 Lesson learned: it's ok when paintings don't work out. Not all are meant to be great...and many become lessons. And that's all...

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