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Friday, October 2, 2015

Classy Women Who Curse

The reason for this post - and for that title is my recent experience on Instagram. I noticed the feeds for #followfriday were full of stay at home moms who make craftsty things for their kids and for other peoples kids and for even more kids and maybe a few more after that. For me Follow Friday is about meeting new artisans and new makers, where I can view their works and we support each other. But my work differs from this group - a lot. No - I mean A LOT! My digital downloads from my Etsy shop - My Daisy Downloads, are humorous and off-color. I swear a bit. I say fuck. I announce my feminist brain and I stand up for feminism and girl power and unicorns and coffee and funny things and yoga and modern art. Then I see all these profiles of young women who are very different from me and I guess I live in a bubble and apparently not a single one is aware of the Feminine Mystique except for they are clearly one of THEM. Not me...I grew up in the 70's...and would have none of that make patriarchal bullshit that defined our mothers era and where we embraced Wonder Woman and Helen Reddy and her words of wisdom and I am Woman Hear Me Roar... and increasingly I'm finding women - like the ones in Instagram who are embracing the 1950's and cooking and cleaning and living in this weird Father' Knows Best Meets Leave it To Beaver life.  UGH! Ok - so maybe I should just use hashtags to attract women in my demographic...because I have apparently lost those other ones. Cuz you know - Bitches Get Stuff Done! (as Tina Fey says). And here are some of my digital downloads where I shout this message dammit!

#feminism #femininemystique #girlpower #feminist 

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