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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Project 2015 - Feet

I like to take on projects from January 1. I don't typically complete them but I do enjoy the attempt. So this year my project is called 365 Days of Feet. I wanted to take a photo of either the same space or the same item everyday of the year shot from either different time or different light or a new space. It had to be something I have access to everyday; and therein lies the feet. I have access to them everyday. (whew)....  The guidelines are:

  • Each day take a different photo of my feet in hopefully a different place. 
  • and - it cannot be posed or contrived. I will not set up something or wear different shoes for the right place. It's whatever I am wearing at the time and whatever I am doing at the time - spontaneous and a bit impulsive. 

So here goes...my personal collection of 365 Days of my Feet. A few selections right now - I won't bore you with every day. 

Jan 1 - lounging on the first day of the year

Jan 4 - back garden

Jan 11 (Yerba Buena Center for The Arts)


  1. I seriously love your shoes in the third shot.

    1. Thanks Julia! It's been a fun project. :)