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Thursday, April 24, 2014

yeah - I know - I love Palm Springs

Funny story about these three pieces. There were once other paintings but they did not sell. I liked the images but loved the frames more...so I did what any pragmatic person does - I covered the frames carefully in paper (I did not remove the paintings) and repainted the pieces. Again. Again. And finally Number 4. 

The thing about creating art is you need to accept when the pieces work and when they don't. I think I have that down. It took four times and now they worked. Then when I took the paper off and really got a clear view of what these pieces really looked like all I though was...PALM SPRINGS! the colors, the positive energy, the lack of seriousness. All they are missing are palm trees. So here you go. Palm Springs Vacay 1, 2,3
(all are available for purchase if you know anyone decorating their Palm Springs vacation home. :) )

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