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Saturday, September 21, 2013

art in unexpected places

Art just happens - sometimes unexpected and so I have to capture it when I see it. Remember when it wasn't so easy to take a photo and it cost a lot because you had to pay for developing? I would never take the shots I do if not for my camera phone and because I do I am learning a lot about lousy shots and good shots and what makes one photo better over another and when composition works and when you should just delete. 
Anyway - I wouldn't have used real film on these but when I saw these dried out paint palettes I thought it seemed worth taking a photo and then making it even better with some digital manipulation. 

So here are two I took today - in my garage as I worked on a 60 painting commission which - actually  - is going really well. 

Hope your weekend has been awesome. 

**Oh - the bottom one was not taken in the 1940's...it was taken this week from the shores of Tahoe City. 

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