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Thursday, August 29, 2013

from neolithic to modern

I submitted a piece to a juried show. This is a first for me - an application...an application fee (bummer)...photos...artists statement. Seriously-this is the real thing!

The event is the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley - where all things art just happen. The name of the show is: The Making is a Remaking. What are Worlds made of?
"Not from nothing… Worldmaking starts from worlds already on hand: the making is a remaking."
Nelson Goodman (Ways of Worldmaking, 1978)

And here is what I submitted: Waiting for Solstice.

and my artists statement here that describes this piece.
When I was a little girl I often imagined that I lived in a small world in a contained space
and I was part of a bigger world and was being observed by this bigger alternate
universe. I took this fascination in later years to assembling miniature worlds and
creating works of art that were always smaller than everyone else's. In college while my
classmates worked on large canvases I drew in spaces of about 6x6 inches. For this
project I used my love of miniature worlds and assembled my version of a neolithic rock
formation. Having recently traveled to Ireland I saw many of these and loved and learned
from each one. In 2000 I traveled to the Surrey Plain in England and walked around
Stonehenge - fascinated by the precarious balance of the beautiful blue stones. While I
did not have access to stone-age rocks I did have a pile of beautiful driftwood I recently
purchased. These small pieces of wood...softened by the forces of nature were a perfect
replacement and so I assembled my own miniature neolithic world. The very small rusted
metal part I picked up on the side of a road is reminiscent of the Heel Stone - where the
midsummer sun rises when viewed from the center of Stonehenge. Painted stripes add
color and interest and bring the piece into the modern world and the riverbed reminds
the viewer that the driftwood once floated in water.

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