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Monday, May 20, 2013

Urban voices...

I completed these over the weekend.  What a job! There are so many layers and often times...most of the time actually - I had to wait for each part to dry before doing the next part so I would paint a small section ..set it out to dry...clean the brush...bring the painting back in...paint again. Repeat.
I am happy with the way they came out however. The next plan is to clean them up a bit digitally to make them ready for posters. and then..I'm going to have some fun. I think I will digitally chop up the last four paintings and create a whole new series of posters and add digital elements. I'm excited to get started with this!
Anyway - here are the pieces. Check back soon to get links for posters. 
Urban Mythology One & Two - 4"x 8" on wood panel. 

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